Desired Skills & Experience for SALES ENGINEER

“Must-Have” Candidate Qualifications:

  • 5 – 10 years of experience.
  • Existing industrial plant experience in the South Texas region – or a penetrated professional network within this region.
  • Existing Technical sales experience, or significant, prior exposure to sales personnel as a client-plant operations employee on the water-treatment-side.
  • Existing relationships with plant operations personnel within the region.
  • Proven access to plant operations personnel.
Required Candidate Qualifications:
  • Chemical Engineering Degree – or other Engineering Degree with related experience.
  • “Hands on” service support in field operations.
  • Strong communication skills; both written and oral.
  • Excellent time management and leadership skills.
  • Ability to work without the requirement for direct management oversight, AND be motivated to achieve sales goals.
  • Self-driven and goal oriented.
Company Description

Sepratech Corporation has a positive, natural, and rewarding corporate culture.  We hold our personnel and client relationships as our most valuable assets.

Sepratech is an emerging growth company doing business in the industrial water and wastewater treatment markets.  We service, sell, and rent process equipment; including clarifiers, filters, ion exchange and membrane systems, and other make-up water, wastewater, and de-watering processes.  The company also sells system components and consumables directly to our customers – such as medias, resins, membranes, nozzles and internal piping arrays.  These system component and consumable sales are also sold to our clientele as an adjunct to our core service business.

To learn more about careers with Sepratech, contact James Lemoine on LinkedIn.