panel3Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

PLC Automation will monitor multiple input parameters and automatically make adjustments and/or provide alarms to notify technicians of situations that require immediate attention. This can be accomplished locally at the system control panel or through a remote access point.

Sepratech Corporation has a staff of experienced, professional engineers that can provide efficient, reliable, cost-effective solutions for all of your system instrumentation and automation requirements. Our engineers are experts in the water and wastewater industry, with more than 25 years of experience providing new system instrumentation and automation, as well as upgrading existing systems. Sepratech owns and operates the fabrication facility that designs and manufactures custom control panel and enclosure packages for our Industrial and Municipal customers.

Sepratech employs a thorough process to ensure all customer requirements are not just achieved but exceeded.

  • panelDetermine customer expectations for automation.
  • Onsite audit of existing systems and processes.
  • Generate a proposal of design recommendations and a quotation for implementation.
  • Collect in-depth data points for configuration and programming.
  • PLC program optimization and fabrication of control panel / enclosure package.
  • Installation and incorporation into system.
  • Commissioning and startup of equipment.

Our company’s reputation is built on Exceptional Customer Service, Quality Products and Experienced, Professional Engineers that build relationships, not just equipment and systems.

Programmable Logic Controller Capabilities and Design Options

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