Filtration System
Multi-media Filtration System

The Sepratech Multi-Media Filtration vessels (MMF) represent a significant improvement over single-media filters. This is due primarily to improved filter bed efficiency based on the use and optimized selection of filter media. Multi-Media filtration permits delivery of high quality filtered water at much higher flow rates, as compared to a conventional sand filter. Multi-Media filters allow for flexibility in water treatment applications. The MMF filters can be used for stand-alone filtration and are also used as pretreatment for reverse osmosis, deionized water, carbon, cartridge/bag filters and post treatment following clarification for pin floc removal.

Sepratech Multi-Media Filtration Systems are available in a wide range of self-contained packages configured in single, double, and multiple unit arrangements to remove sediment, turbidity, color, and suspended particles. Consisting of multiple layers of sand, anthracite, and garnet, these systems remove sediment down to the 10 micron range.

They are used for municipal, institutional, and industrial water filtration applications. Single units are rated for flows up to 577 gpm. For larger flow rates, contact Sepratech to determine whether larger or multiple units would be appropriate.

Economical and efficient! Sepratech’s Multi-Media Filtration Systems can be equipped for manual, semi-automatic, or full-automatic operation. Regardless of the configuration, only limited technical expertise is required for operation. The Systems will integrate into a complete water treatment system without expensive custom field engineering and programming.


  • Single Unit Flows up to 577 gpm
  • Epoxy Lined, Carbon Steel Tanks with 100 psig Design Pressure
  • Top Mounted Manway Schedule 80 PVC Hub and Lateral Distributors
  • Factory Assembled Diaphragm Valve Nest
  • Carbon Steel External Piping
  • Electro-mechanical Backwash Controller
  • Made in the USA
  • Turnkey Prefabricated vessels for MF/MMF systems


  • Materials and Coatings Selected to Withstand Corrosive Environments
  • Reliable, Low Restriction Valves
  • Distributors Allow Operation Over Wide Flow Rate Range
  • Standard Designs Reduce Cost and Delivery Time
  • Simple Operation Reduces Operator Training Requirements


  • Stainless Steel, Copper, PVC, or Galvanized External Piping
  • Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Steel, or CPVC Internal Piping
  • Differential Pressure Switch
  • Air Scour
  • Sub-Surface Wash
  • Sightglasses
  • Skid Mounted, Pre-piped and Wired Systems
  • Manual Unit Isolation Valves
  • Interconnecting Piping Between Multiple Units
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Custom designed and built for specific applications

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