Lamella Clarifiers unique flow distribution ensures maximum, balanced utilization of the plate area in a compact unit.
Lamella Clarifier
Lamella Clarifier

Clarifiers such as the Lamella Clarifiers provided by Sepratech provide for both long-term and short-term project needs to Industrial and Municipal customers. Experienced field service engineers and technicians will set-up, start-up and take down equipment upon completion of your project.

The LAMELLA ® Gravity Settler* is a pre-assembled, modular, high rate inclined plate settler that uses a counter-current flow principle for effective solids removal. The inclined plate concept provides an effective settling area that is equal to the area of each plate as projected onto a horizontal surface. Using the standard 2″ plate spacing and 55° angle, up to 10 ft² of projected area become available for each square foot of land area.

In the LAMELLA CLARIFIERS, influent enters the unit and is distributed onto the plates through side-entry inlet slots. The side-entry design, unlike less efficient bottom feed designs, reduces the risk of disturbing previously settled solids and offers better effluent quality at higher plate loading rates.

As the liquid flows upward, the solids settle on the inclined, parallel plates and slide into the sludge hopper at the bottom. Further thickening of the sludge is achieved in the hopper due to compaction in the quiescent zone beneath the plates. The clarified liquid leaves the plate assembly through submerged orifices or weirs at the top of each plate and is collected in channels leading to the clarified water outlet. This creates a pressure drop across the collection channels, which ensures uniform flow distribution across the plates in order to utilize the full area for settling.

Where a more concentrated sludge is desired, the LAMELLA® Gravity Settler/Thickener is the solution. The LGST is a high-rate gravity settler combined with a circular picket-fence sludge thickener/scraper in one tank.

For larger applications, LAMELLA® Gravity Settler plate packs are installed in concrete tanks to increase the performance of new or existing facilities. Plate packs can be combined with a Parkson sludge scraper or vacuum sludge removal system for even greater efficiency.

Lamella clarifierFor potable water, the LAMELLA® Gravity Settler produces effluents less than 1 NTU. Components are classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. in accordance with ANSI Standard NSF-61.

LGS and LGST clarifiers offer reliable liquid/solid separation for potable and municipal wastewater treatment plants, chemical industries, metal finishing, metallurgical industries, pulp and paper mills, power plants and industrial process makeup water applications.

Depending on effluent requirements, filtration may be advantageous. Sludge can also be dewatered with a rotary drum thickener or filter presses.
Available Options:
• Flash mix/flocculation tanks with mixers
• Full FRP or stainless steel construction
• Concrete tank designs
• Special coatings and plate materials
• Integral mechanical sludge thickener
• Access platform and ladder
• In-house laboratory analysis for equipment optimization
• Potable water design
• Gasketed and removable covers
• Automatic desludging
• Instrumentation and controls
• Chemical feed equipment
• Sludge handling and dewatering
• Pilot size units for on-site testing

*LAMELLA® is a registered trademark of Parkson Corporation

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