Lamella clarifier to clean wastewater

Water supply is one of the most precious natural resources available and it needs to be cherished.

Sepratech’s Lamella Clarifier, Rentals, RO services, Mobile Lamella Clarifiers and all of our filtration products, provide solutions to assist our customers in cleaning, protecting, recycling and reusing water.

Lamella Clarifiers and other clarification equipment options make Sepratech Corporation an industry-leading provider in the industrial, and municipal water industries; earning an excellent reputation based on exceptional customer service and clarifier products.

Our experienced, professional team focuses on solutions to clarify clean water needs of our valued clients. Sepratech’s customer base consists of power utility groups, petrochemical organizations, refineries, the pulp and paper industry, as well as municipal water facilities.

Our Focus – Our Customers!

Sepratech provides additional value to our clients by employing field-experienced engineers who work directly with our clients in performing system and process audits, which are beneficial for operational improvement. Our team will make recommendations for optimization of systems and processes, assisting you in recognizing potential cost-saving opportunities.

We promote the success of our team, its members, and our customers by keeping our promises and honoring our commitments. It is our responsibility to provide value to our clients. Our goal is to be an involved, economic, intellectual and social asset to each community in which we serve.

Lamella Clarifiers – Trust in our Solutions

Sepratech services short-term and long-term Lamella projects, supply, and equipment needs for the Gulf Coast Region. We service your water clarification needs, whether your plan is a focused or emergency response.

Not only do we incorporate the latest water treatment technology, but we also provide innovative water treatment solutions that match the needs of our customers and industries. Furthermore, Sepratech offers more than the “one-size fits all” company. Our unique services are designed specifically for YOUR needs.

Since 1989 Sepratech’s specialized services have included: industrial water clarification, filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, system automation, sludge de-watering, membrane cleaning, short and long-term rental contracts. We also provide service contracts, operating contracts, filter media and resin change-outs for our customers, and offer equipment inspections and repairs, system maintenance, and vessel internal repair/replacement for all industrial water.
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