RO system
RO Systems – Purchase or Rental

Sepratech offers skid-mounted, Reverse Osmosis (RO) units that are used to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial water treatment processes. The units can be configured to allow operation as a single pass or double pass system and allow flexibility in adjusting flow rates based on production needs and/or influent water quality.

  • We custom design Reverse Osmosis solutions for each customers’ unique requirements.
  • We Supply all manufacturers’ membrane elements.
  • We provide services to change out, clean and/or replace membranes.

The Reverse Osmosis system operates using a pressure driven, membrane process and is used in a wide range of water treatment applications. RO works by applying a pressure to aqueous streams in a reverse osmosis membrane. The applied pressure causes water to flow to one side of the membrane and prevents the removed solids from penetrating. The supply water is split into concentrate and permeate streams.

We provides RO to the following Industries and Applications:

  • Boiler Feed Water for Steam Production
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical Applications
  • Refinery Applications
  • Pulp and Paper
  • High Purity / Pharmaceutical

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